Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2010 Movies

So in 2010, I watched 19 fewer movies than in '09 (and man, I wish I tracked '08's, those'd be some numbers). I actually wanted to watch more, but when you're looking for things to help you kill a graveyard shift, a DVD full of TV episodes is worth more than a movie.'s the list of the 147 I did watch, for those who are interested.

Keeping with the tradition that goes back all the way to last year, I tried to narrow down the list to a top 10, but I couldn't bring myself to cut a couple of these from the top of the pile. So let's just say there was a three-way tie for first (Scott Pilgrim, Toy Story 3 and The Hurt Locker)...'tho most of the rest would tie for second, come to think of it.... Oh well. In the order I saw them, not a qualitative statement at all:

  • Trucker - James Mottern

  • The Hurt Locker - Kathryn Bigelow

  • Whip It - Drew Barrymore

  • Up in the Air - Jason Reitman

  • Red Cliff: International Version - John Woo
  • (do not, under any circumstances, watch the edited for US theater length version...travesty)
  • Crazy Heart - Scott Cooper

  • Pirate Radio - Richard Curtis

  • Toy Story 3 - Lee Unkrich

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Edgar Wright

  • Ondine - Neil Jordan

  • Easy A - Will Gluck

  • How Do You Know - James L. Brooks

  • There were a few that I couldn't justify in my top 1012, cuz they weren't as good, but they had a lotta heart and generally made ya feel all warm and fuzzy watching them, and made the day/week better:
  • Young @ Heart - Stephen Walker

  • Eagle vs. Shark - Taika Cohen

  • City Island - Raymond De Felitta

  • Flipped - Rob Reiner

Anyone see these? What didn't make my list that should've?


tired said...

If you cheat on the timelines, I sort of did. :) I bought Red Cliff: International during 2010 but didn't get to it until 2011, and I didn't see Scott Pilgrim until last week or so, although I did read it last year. Technically, Red Cliff was the first movie I've seen that made me want a larger-than-20" TV, whereas Scott Pilgrim was watched over an awful connection via Amazon Video-on-Demand, looked worse than most Youtube videos I've watched, was eventually refunded by Amazon due to poor quality (and without me asking, +1 Amazon). I'm not sure whether the viewing circumstances are irrelevant or a necessary disclaimer anymore, so there they are.

As far as I can remember, Scott Pilgrim was the best book adaptation I've seen, while Red Cliff was the most beautiful film period, maybe one of the best of all time. It's too early to tell, but it at least is to Hero and Crouching Tiger what Tarantino was to 80s action movies. I didn't know that was possible, was much less anticipating it, but now that it's happened we're all the better for it (or will be when it gets enough internet buzz).

The Social Network is next on my list. Black Swan is probably amazing, but my wife read reviews of certain content and went, "um, no." So, waiting for home release.