Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Possibly the Most Disillusioning Blogpost Ever

I can't remember who on my Twitter feed posted this link, so I can't give credit where it's due, but this post is well worth the read and listen. What is it, you ask, rather than clicking the link blindly.

It's a list of 15 songs you probably didn't realize were covers--one of these I knew was a cover. One. And I really like/love most of these songs.

I know that Rob Fleming and the rest of the crew at Championship Vinyl would be ashamed of me. I am.

Regardless, this post is quite educational and entertaining (and a leeetle scary)


Susan a.k.a Lucy said...

Interesting link, thanks for sharing. I discovered that I like the original Istanbul much better than the cover (except for the little bit of more Klezmer sound to the cover's intro) and I am totally freaked out watching Hendrix sign while chewing gum. He was a gonner one way or t'other. If the drugs didn't get him I'm pretty sure we'd have had to watch a video of him choking to death on the gum.Maybe the drugs is just a conspiracy theory put forth by the people at wrigleys?

bluewoad said...

You live such a sheltered life, Hobs. :-) I knew that 4 were covers, although my life is now shattered to know that someone else is to blame for 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun.' Years spent sending spite to Lauper and it wasn't her! (Although she can take the blame for making it popular.)