Monday, January 17, 2011

Current Musical Obsessions (1) - Mumford and Sons

taking a break from blathering about books for a bit, I figured I'd shake things up a bit and talk about music a little bit this week. But as I sit down to talk about Mumford and Sons, I realize I have to idea what to say. This is what music is supposed to be about, catchy tunes, lovely instrumentation, heartfelt lyrics--it's fun stuff, it's quality music, it's...ugh. Listen to it, and like me, I bet you'll be hooked.

Embedding a few things from an acoustical set they have on their youtube page rather than the videos of the studio versions from the cd Sigh No More.

There's "The Cave"

The thoughtful "White Blank Page" (the title alone speaks to me)

and the one you may have actually heard before, "Little Lion Man" (song is musical'll listen over and over and over)