Monday, April 26, 2004

venting now to avoid bitterness

we'll see if it works...

Okay, when I was getting ready to leave my last place of employment, I was approached about still being the e-mail troubleshooting/web page guy (note that it was their idea). I say sure, they ask me to come up with prices, etc. My first answer is that I'll work for scraps--I just want to be able to point to this site and say, "I've been doing that since 2000." I'm told to come up with some real numbers. So I go home and think--write up this whole agreement about rates, time frames, and so on. They look it over and agree to it.

So I leave, sit around for a couple of months waiting...they finish a couple of snazzy looking projects that I figure they would want to display prominently on their site. I send them an email about it. Well, the deal is, they're going to go with this consulting group that will redesign everything--marketing materials, website, etc. so they all look the same, etc. But once it's designed, the consultants will turn it back over to me. Am I interested? Heck, yeah, if nothing else, I'll learn something. (I don't see why they still wouldn't want to update the current site, but hey--I'm just the help)

More months go by....nothing. Then Friday, I get a call from their draftsman, asking for the account info and password so he can make some changes to the site. "Oh, so I guess I'm not doing the web page anymore." "Umm," nervous laugh, "I guess not."

It's just rude, y'know? Well, it's other things, too, but I'm not going to indulge myself and say what those other things are--so let's stick with rude.