Sunday, April 04, 2004

Veggie Rocks - Review

Okay, since the day I heard of this, I've been looking forward to getting this CD for myself, but after purchasing it last week my kids have become addicted to it. Which isn't too bad, since I actually enjoy the album. But I didn't expect them to get so into it.

My $.02 on the songs:
1. VeggieTales Theme Song, Rebecca St. James--eeenteresting. Now I haven't heard any of her stuff since her first album, Here I Am (as I recall). But I had heard that she'd left behind that light poppy sound . . .and she has. Not sure she should've, but that's another story. Good start to the album.

2. I Love My Lips, Stevenson--First Stevenson=Steven Curits Chapman + his son--get it? Not a bad little song . . . but it sounds like every SCC song recorded since Signs of Life album. When is SCC going to learn that you can really only get away with spelling a chorus once in a career? L-O-V-E-M-Y-L-I-P-S just didn't add a lot to the song. As a side note, my wife pointed out that's it's scary that SCC's son is now old enough to be recording music--we are getting old.

3. Promised Land, Sanctus Real--not a lot to say about this one. Good track, my kids like it more than me. Had never heard of the band before, not opposed to hearing more (which is Frontline's point in all of this, I guess)

4. In the Belly of the Whale, Newsboys--okay, not a cover of a VT song, but a fun one from Jonah. The line added by Larry is a classic . . .

5. The Water Buffalo Song, Superchic[k]--there's just something I love about Superchic[k]. Their sound, their vocals...absolutely love 'em, even those songs of theirs with the dumb lyrics . . . So I like this track, but felt it was a waste of a great band. I think the producers should've switched Stevenson and Superchic[k]. But something tells me what SCC wants, SCC gets.

6. I'm So Blue, Paul Colman--eh, not bad. Especially considering how annoyed Coleman usually makes me. Catcy version.

7. The Hairbrush Song (live), Audio Adrenaline--very nice. Not much more needs to be said.

8. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, relient K--Excellent!

9. I Can Be Your Friend, The O.C. Supertones--This is the perfect match of band and song. Two thumbs way up.

10. His Cheeseburger, TAIT. Now if anyone could pull off doing this as a straight up Mr. Lunt/Meatloaf pastiche it's Michael Tait. But no, they turn it into a no-nonsense rock 'n roll song. My favorite on the album.

11. Stand, Skillet--never listened to skillet before . . .'tain't bad. But I'm very surprised that my kids love this one so much! They sing it all the time . . . their Uncle Alex would be proud...

All in all, a fun CD--which as I said, is a good thing, because I've been listening to it non-stop for a week now

For the record: I didn't intend for this to become so anti-SCC. . . but what're you gonna do?