Friday, April 02, 2004

Debating Calvinism

Well . . . had some time to kill in a waiting room today, so I read Debating
. It's been sitting on my shelf since it was published, flipped
through briefly, but I hadn't found the time to read it yet. In retrospect,
not sure I should have.

Don't get me wrong--Dr. White's presentations and responses were thoroughly
orthodox, and sometimes I could enjoy the replies to Hunt. But by and
large, I didn't learn anything. Which is fine--I'd like to think that I've
got the basics of Calvinism down by now.

So what about Dave Hunt? Well, never thought much of him--especially after
the original radio interview Dr. White did with him, and hearing some of his
teaching leading up to that monumental waste of paper and ink called, What
Love Is This (insert that lahaye quote here--and what a disappointing
century this will be . . . . ), and then seeing the debate with Dr. Pipa.
I'd have thought that following that disastrous book, and only moderately
better debate, I couldn't think less of Hunt.


Ugh. Horrible. Terrible. Horrific.

I will say this . . . I think one of his quotations from Augustine I found
the kernel of the application for my sermon this week. But that's not what
he wanted me to get out of it, I was supposed to read it and say, "Whoa, I
don't want anything to do with a system that is at all related to his
terrible thinker." Oh well . . .