Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Plot Complication

Okay, in addition to the kidney stuff there's this other thing soooo BAD and sooo bleepin' complicated we've not been talking a lot about it.

There's this screening that Idaho (and 8 other states) do at birth, and they send off the results to this national lab. The lab thinks some stuff is strange, orders another batch of tests, the thing they were worried about was this thing called MCAD (hereafter called the BIG BAD--where basically his body wouldn't be able to convert most fats to . . . whatever it is we convert stored fat to. Today we got the results on the second batch of tests, which rules out the BIG BAD, but opens the possibility of something pretty much like it, but rarer: the BIG BAD II. Not sure how long we'll be waiting on those results (am guessing a week).

Now, we'd done a bunch of research on the the BIG BAD (and by "we", I mean my wife), so according to our doc, we probably know more about it than most people in Idaho (not an distinction I ever wanted). Now she's gone off and done a bunch on the BIG BAD II--which our doc had never heard of before . . . ack. This second batch of research has not done her a lot of good. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's done her ill. She's really getting worried, and fretting, and all sorts of other things along those lines. She is now banned from medical research until we get these results (or I'm going to put a dozen new passwords on my machine). She's been doing so well, hope this stuff doesn't shake her too much.