Friday, March 26, 2004

major w00tage

I have, for the first time, real, truly good news about my son. The BIG BAD II? We're 99% sure he doesn't have it!!!!!!!

There's still one more test blood test that needs to be finished. But they got the results on the urine test yesterday--the geneticist has never heard of anyone passing it and failing the other (which does lead one to question why they do the next test....)

Our pediatrician actually called us herself rather than having a staff do it . . . she was so excited. BTW, you know you're spending too much time with a doc when she calls and says "Hi, it's Janette"

Turns out the BIG BAD would've messed up the whole transplant thing, too (thankfully no one mentioned that fact 'til it was moot)