Wednesday, March 10, 2004

On the lighter side...

Got a little caught up on my TV viewing last night. I kept up with my normal videotaping schedule just 'cuz I knew I'd need an escape from reality, finally found the time yesterday.

1. NYPD Blue . . . okay episode. I totally understand the reasons Esai Morales left the show--too little to do. But he knew that going in, didn't he? Heck, they gave him more than they ever gave James McDaniel. But, COME ON! EDDIE GIBSON??? Just don't get this. Comic relief for a few episodes, yeah. But . . . a whole season and change? Bocho et al. better know what they're doing. Sure, things turned out with Schroeder and Gosselaar, so they probably do. But Gibson's pushing it.

2. The Practice. Excellent, excellent, excellent episode. James Spader has saved this show.

3. Alias The language I want to use to describe this episode would violate my conscience and lose me most of my readers . . . Lauren Reed is finally something more than a plot complication to keep the Sydney/Vaugh love story fresh. I absolutely loved the Sydney POV/Lauren POV take on the ep . . . the yin and yang thing they did with the car chases . . . Marshall strung out on new-child-induced-lack-of-sleep/caffeine, Arvin's "revelation" (or new deception) . . . fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. This is just what I needed!