Thursday, March 18, 2004

More on the Kidney Patient

Well, we met with the nephrologist (kidney guy) today--he's a good guy, think we'll enjoy working with him (granted, I'd enjoy never needing to work with him a lot more . . .but anyway). First he goes over the chronology (no notes) to make sure he's got it right--he did, which puts him on the right foot with us.
Then he talks a little bit about hypoplasia (that's our word for the day) basically it's any organ that's structurally/architecturally (his words) correct, but too small. Then he says, "There's no use beating around the bush...we're heading towards a transplant." We'd been preparing ourselves for that word since Machen had been re-admitted to the hospital, but hearing it wasn't that fun.
Basically what's gonna happen is over the next couple of months he's going to get better, then he's going to level off, then he's going to get much, much worse. Depending on age/etc when things get bad, we'll probably start home dialysis. And sometime after he's two and he's grown enough he'll get a previously owned, perfectly fine kidney.
It's good to live in a day and age where we have all sorts of machines with flashing lights and funky chemicals that can be put in bodies to strengthen them, and doctors can do this kind of thing.
It's not like I imagined it'd be--I figured I'd be a wreck, but knowing that every bit of this has been worked out from pre-Day 1, and that the Lord is overseeing it all--it's grim, but not devastating (now, will I be able to say that tomorrow? or the day he goes under the knife? too soon to say)

In the meantime, he's doing better--awake and alert a lot more than he has been. We're all getting in a little play-time now.