Friday, July 04, 2008

The Struggle Continues

The liberties so brilliantly enumerated and bravely won, are in peril today. Attacked by those who are in direct opposition to them, ignored by the complacent, and undermined by well-intentioned societal reformers of every stripe, it is the duty of every citizen of this nation to continue to support that Declaration, still relying on the protection of divine Providence. The Spirit of '76 still lives.

Remembering (and/or learning) what happened to the signers of the original Declaration should inspire us in this.

In that vein, I'd encourage you to check out a special webcast this coming Lord's Day.

Dr. Richard Bacon will preach from Luke 22:38 and other Scriptures on the topic "Thanksgiving For The God-Given Right To Bear Arms." This topic is in celebration both of the Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v. Heller and the fact that Friday is the 232nd anniversary of the Declaration of American Independence from Great Britain.
Given the reaction from some corners of Evangelicalism to this decision (for example), Bacon's sermon will likely be a very timely help.

Naturally, the wise Rosie, reminds us today of the more vital definition of freedom.