Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not Once More, but Still with Feeling

In case you've been living under a rock, or without the Internet for a while, thought I'd mention that at 12:01 am this morning, my Master released the first Act of his latest opus--Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blogwhich crashed his server just a few hours later.

Thankfully, I work graveyard so I go to see it. HA!

It was funny, it was sweet--Neil Patrick Harris is fantastic--and the rest of the cast was pretty good. I thought Simon Helberg was great on Big Bang Theory, but this was better work, IMHO. Nathan Fillon was Nathan Fillion--a good hero (thankfully, Captain Hammer's pants are looser than Mal's).

Assuming the server comes back sometime before Act II on Thursday, check it out, it's worth 13 minutes of your day. Or, just plunk down the $4 to buy the whole thing on iTunes and crash their server.


Hobster said...

yeah, I know there's an empty image there...wait 'til the server comes back up...

girlfriday said...

Wait, where the crap have I been? How do I see the whole thing? My whole world is crashing down around me. Help.

Hobster said...

where have you been indeed? Your only hope now is $3.99 (plus tax) at iTunes store. Or wait 'til the DVD which is promised to be packed with many, many, nifty bonus features next year

Seriously, where have ya been? Too quiet from your end of the 'net.