Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Day at the Fair - Fixed

sorry for the problems with the formatting, fixed 'em...told ya I was tired.

(not just a hilarious MST3K short film)

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I've just been feeling more run-down/out-of-gas than I'm used to. I've started a couple posts that I didn't get around to finishing, in lieu of napping or thinking about napping or thinking about when I could think about napping.

I was able to shake off the torpor long enough to accompany my family to the Canyon County Fair on Thursday--the kids'd won passes through the library's summer reading program (really a well done program this year, I must say). It's been many, many moon since I've attended anything like this was smaller than I expected.

Other than that, it was your typical county fair (come to think of it, in today's entertainment might have been typical in size)--4-H projects galore; overpriced food; "interesting" entertainment acts (the comedy-magic act we saw was pretty funny--particularly for the sub-13 crowd); wonderful aromas coming from the food vendors; some-other-adjective aromas coming from the animal exhibits.

I'd planned on snagging more photos than I did, but my camera kept getting stuck in my pocket (and I kept putting it back in the same pocket), but here's a few:

Things got off to a great start with our kids, the first thing they saw was the National Guard display--including a couple of Humvees and this tank. Sam tells me "I'm having more and more fun all the time at this fair" (we'd been there a whole ten minutes)

After lunch, a couple of clowns set up near the food booths with balloon animals and face painting. Frodo took a major step and had a conversation with the clown that involved him using more than two words in succession at a time.

Samwise managed to get 3 words out total. But hey...

The Princess had to go for something with a bit more flair.

Arnold managed not to get scared by the clown (but I think the nerves were pretty fragile), graciously letting the clown do all the talking.

Obviously, the highlight of the day was spending the time with the family away from our routine--but a close second was heralded by this sign. I mean...what a country! Only in the USA do we take something so tasty, so wonderful, so nutritionally empty, so, so, so cream-filled as a Twinkie and think "you know what we could do? We could deep fry this." I've heard of these things before, but never had the chance to sample one. Wow!


Magical Balloon-dude Dale said...

Most professional entertainer be it a clown or other should recognized when a child is hesitant and should try to make the child feel conformable. I'm glade to hear your son had an enjoyable experience with the clown and hopefully he'll come to enjoy it as he gets older.