Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tonight is the premier of House, the new medical drama with Bryan Singer as Executive Producer--he even directs the first two episodes. I'm a huge Hugh Laurie fan...and sure, his accent may need some work (not sure why they made him adopt one) but from everything I've read/seen about this character I can get over that. He's generally a doctor with no bedside manner, no heart of gold underneath, but a fantastic diagnostician.

We also have a token-laden supporting cast, but Omar Epps looks promising, Robert Sean Leonard needs the work, and Lisa Edelstein always makes me like characters I really don't want to like.

I will admit to having high hopes for this...I'm almost out of TV dramas to watch. NBC killed Ed last year (I'm still pining), ABC is taking away NYPD Blue (which is good to do, I just don't relish the prospect of saying good-bye to the guys at the One-Five), David E. Kelly pulled the plug on The Practice by his out of control plots, leaving us with the tolerable Boston Legal....leaving me pretty much with the genre series Smallville and Alias (which isn't even coming back 'til Jan!). So, I really need this show to make it. If it doesn't, I don't know what I'll do...hmm, maybe study?

Speaking of which.......