Friday, November 05, 2004

Kid Notes

1. Frodo, 'tho he always has this tendency, has spent a lot of the last couple of days giving little lessons to The Kidney Kid. How to Use a Remote Control, Why He Shouldn't Pull on the Laundry Pile, The Differences Between the Batman as Depicted in Batman/Justice League and Batman Beyond, Why Alton Brown is Cool, etc.

2. Samwise, in the non-blog world, isn't named after my favorite Hobbit, but after one of my favorite theologians. I quoted that theologian last week in my exhortation, and Sam indignantly turns to the lady next to him and says "I NEVER said that!"

3. Have no cute Princess stories at the present...other than she's just incredibly cute.

4. Most importantly, the Kidney Kid be using the words "Dada" or "aDaDa" to refer to me :)