Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Spidey II: The Anticipation

From the day that Sony announced the release date (and then the revised date), my family has been focused on the sequel to one of our favorite movies, featuring my kids' favorite fictional character (and one of my top 5). Sadly, schedules didn't work out for us to see it on opening day, but we've got our tickets for Thursday. Mom and I are throwing caution to the wind and taking Sam and Frodo with us, The Princess and the Kidney Kid* will have to wait for the DVD (which all my kids are already asking for). I think it's safe to say that we're more excited about this than any silly "holy day" in December.

And then you get to the reviews: Joel Siegel, Ebert & Roeper and others are pronouncing it the "best superhero movie ever." Marv Wolfman (comic writer extraordinaire) says, "it is unarguably the best super-hero movie ever made. Because it's as much a drama as an action film, it can also stand up to almost any other movie out there. This one transends the genre. Congratulations to director Sam Raimi for a brilliant movie without a single false note in it." Peter David (another comic writer extraordinaire, and the man who wrote the novelization) writes, "The acting is even better this time around, the CGI has improved, and the sequences with Doc Ock are so seamless that you literally don't think about the fact that it's all trickery. Molina is just spectacular as Octavius, and the aerial battles between him and Spidey--especially when they're plummeting and still whomping on each other--are great. And it's true: Aunt May delivers a spectacular speech on the nature of heroism which alone is worth the price of admission." Harry Knowles (of ain't it cool news) can't say enough good about the movie.

I am so psyched....

*can't wait 'til he gets more of a personality and I can give him a new nickname