Thursday, June 03, 2004

Proof against Darwinism

Back in the day, when I was in High School, Bill Engvall was a funny guy. He had this great stand-up act. Then he decided he wanted to make more money, or maybe he really likes hanging out with Foxworthy (somebody has to). But, IMHO, he's really watered down his act. He would (still does, I guess) complain about stupid people, wishing they'd have to carry signs, so you'd know who you were talking to.

Here's a couple of people deserving signs:

1. Heard this on Sean Hannity's show today (2nd segment), looked around online, but can't verify it yet. 'Course I believe Hannity (am about 60% Hannitized), so here it is. This guy files some sort of complaint with the Civil Rights Commission in New Jersey and gets Ladies' Nights at bars banned! Apparently this bar had a five dollar cover charge for men on said nights and charged full price for drinks. Clear discrimination!

2. This utter moron (sure, he has a doctorate, but he's still a moron) who's filed a complaint with the FCC about the disclaimer on the Dr. Phil show. "It needs to be bigger and at the beginning, so people know it's not therapy." Well, DUH! Any semi-lucid person watching that lunkhead for five minutes knows it's not therapy anymore than Katie Couric is a journalist or that Judge Judy is a competent jurist (which still puts her ahead of most Federal Judges). Of course it's just entertainment--for some anyways (making no judgments about those who like him for entertainment purposes). He spends too much time and effort on the goofy facial expressions and the clever figures of speech to be real therapy.