Thursday, June 24, 2004

quick hits

I've really been wanting to come up with something meaningful and insightful to write about for awhile now, but it seems my tank is tapped at the moment. (mixed metaphor there I think)

Anyhow, at the moment I'm supposed to be doing something both productive and that will make my wife happy. So, of course, I've been catching up on my on-line reading.

Ann Coulter, of course, is on her game today with a column about Clinton's book, and the left's obsession with him.

WND frightened me with this story of a new Bible Translation that makes the gender-neutral Today's NIV look decent. I will have nightmares for a week.

Movie Reviewer James Bowman tickled me with his Fahrenheit 9/11 review: "One thing that is clear is that Michael Moore is a stranger to all forms of restraint, and that he is able to find anti-Bush material in just about anything. To him, the president is guilty both of stupidity and of diabolical cunning, of laziness and of leading the march to totalitarianism, of cowardice and of insouciance under pressure in that Florida classroom — Goat-gate, as perhaps we ought to call it — of fear-mongering in order to sell the war and of neglecting warnings of terrorist activity, of over-zealousness about security and of laxness about security. Not only is he guilty of all these things, his whole family is. So are his friends. So is his administration."