Thursday, June 03, 2004

So-called Chaos

Alanis' new album is, of course, as lacking in chaos as anything with that title could be. This is really her best album since Jagged Little Pill, which she won't ever be able to top--others will be able to, just not her, since a lot of it's magic is that it's her bursting on to the scene (and she can't re-burst).

Anyhow, the music is great, the lyrics are frequently clever, she doesn't over-do the strange meter thing too much (and it's very effective when she does it). Of course, she bears her soul and psyche throughout, but what do you expect? It's Alanis.

There's one big beef I have with the album's lyrics--and it's a common theme in the post-Jagged Alanis stuff--I hate it when I hear interviews/read books/hear songs by people that have so clearly spent too much time in therapy (not the Dr. Phil kind, see below). Now, in a way it's more tolerable this time around--there's less of it, I think. But at the same time it's worse--because when it's there, it's a lot more heavy-handed. Reminds me of the David Meece album, Once in a Lifetime--it's just sooo clearly the product of a good session with a counselor/shrink.

Standout tracks (at least for now) for me are: "Eight Easy Steps", "Knees Of My Bees" (aka Head over Feet, pt. II), Everything ('tho I have a couple of knee-jerk rebuttals to make to that one sometime--still like it). Problem track? "Doth I Protest Too Much" Just a tad--but you definitely Pusheth the Metaphoreth Too Much, a few less lyrics would've saved this song.

Yes, I did just relate an Alanis Morissette album to a David Meece album. Bet I'm the first to ever do that!