Friday, May 28, 2004

Listening to the Radio

Heard some interesting things on the way home tonight

1. A certain county commissioner here in Idaho (actually the county I reside in) has issued a "Public Safety Advisory" because the INS is not enforcing it's regulations and will allow 12 illegal immigrants currently in Canyon County Jail for various crimes to be released if a judge sets bail. Reportedly the commissioner doesn't understand why the INS is doing this. This same commissioner made the news a few weeks ago when he sent the Mexican government a bill for the expenses of incarcerating illegal immigrants who committed crimes in the county. He made Hannity & Colmes, Today, etc. because of that one

So the big question is: Guy looking for headlines, Racist, or Hero? (I'll make it a little easier for you: his name is Velasquez)

2. This can only happen in Idaho: a few days ago a young bear stumbled across a McDonald's parking lot, some idiot gave him a chicken sandwich. Shock, surprise, the next day, bear comes back with a friend. More food is given to them. Bears keep coming back, McD's asks people to stop giving them food. People ignore them, give more food. Supposedly the Fish and Game dept. will be on hand tomorrow to trap the bears and take them far, far away from the Golden Arches.

There was a third thing I found chuckle-worthy, can't think of it now (wish I'd had a pen on me...)


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