Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Group project

Received this in an email to a bunch of my family...not sure if I will respond or not. Anyone want to help? It was written in response to boycotting something Muslim because of 9/11, Iraq, etc.

Some of the responses are fairly obvious, others are likely as obvious, but I don't have the facts at my fingertips...if anyone does leave a comment, and I'll think about assembling them into a response
Catholics kill Protestants daily, and Protestants kill Catholics daily. Do we boycott things of the Pope or Billy Graham? Every day here in America, Christians kill Christians over money, politics, abortion issues, love triangles, etc. Shall all good patriotic Americans boycott Christmas and Easter?

So, the people who planned and carried out the attacks on Pan Am Flight 103, the World Trade Center, the Marine Barracks in Lebanon, the USS Cole, etc, happen to be Muslim. They did not do those things because they are Muslim. Nor did they do those things because most American citizens are not Muslim. They did so because of perceived political or economic injustices. The USA is now waging war on some Muslims, not because they are Muslim, but because of political, or economic reasons, or because they attacked us first.

Good Muslims the world over repudiate terrorist attacks regardless of who the attacks target. American citizens including Muslim Americans, Christian, Buddhist, and Jewish Americans, are involved in the war against terrorism. This is not a religious war and shame on any of us guilty of making it a religious war!

The terrorists are trying to make it a religious war in order to gain backing from all Muslims for their cause. If "we" Americans make it a religious war, then we are only helping the terrorists in their cause, and hurting a lot of Americans including Muslim Americans. When we Americans start fighting wars over religious beliefs, which religion will be the last one standing, Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Protestant, Baptist, Mormon, Muslim, or Buddhist American. Or will it be atheist Americans?