Thursday, May 27, 2004

Can I get this kid on a committee for General Assembly?

So, Frodo's reading to me from his reading book. This is an optional assignment--topic is Dinosaurs, obviously written from a non-Christian perspective (the curriculum makers allow us to skip this assignment and a fairy tale involving a witch). It's talking about "scientists tell us ...millions of years ago..." And I interrupt, "Some scientists think that--not all, okay?" "Okay." He keeps going, we get to another "millions of years ago" thing (cue Carl Sagan voice).

I ask, "What if some very smart people say one thing, and the Bible says something different. Which do we believe?"


"Well, how do we know what God wants us to think about it?"

He looks at me with something bordering between pity and contempt, "It's in the Bible."

So black and white for him right now. There's no "well, when you start with the assumption..." or anything. Just God's right, and He tells you what you need to know in the Bible. How refreshing. Hope he keeps that.