Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Guys Night Out

Well, afternoon, really.

Saturday after work, took Sam and Frodo to Shrek 2. First time in ages the three of us have just gone somewhere to hang out. They were in hog heaven (literally--couldn't believe the way that Sam devoured the popcorn!). This was only the fourth time they'd been to a theater, so that fact alone made their day. Something we need to do more often.

How was the movie? Wonderful. If you liked the first one (it's one of my favorite comedies of all time), you will love 2. Everything that made the first one worth watching--humor, pop culture riffs, music, animation, moral, characters--it's all back and all better.

I grant $104 million or whatever on the first weekend is obscene...where are our national priorities? But since $17 of that was mine, guess I can't throw too many stones.