Tuesday, February 24, 2004


If this blog had audio capabilities, you'd be hearing that silly Howard Dean scream right now. Just got this from the Home School Legal Defense Assoc.:

A victory for Idaho homeschoolers! Senator Joe Stegner has withdrawn
Senate Bill 1233 after homeschoolers in Idaho rose up to express
their opposition to the bill. The entire senate concurred in his

Some senate offices received over 600 emails in the space of two
weeks from homeschoolers opposing the bill. Withdrawing the bill is
the "simple recognition that this bill is divisive," said Sen.
Stegner. "It has generated more animosity than I ever anticipated."

Credit goes to Idaho Christian Home Educators for spearheading the
opposition and to HSLDA members who took time out of their busy
schedules to contact their senators about the bill.
I'm relieved for two reasons . . 1. Stupid, stupid law. Proably would've made me a law-breaker, honestly 2. I forgot to write/call/fax my opposition.