Saturday, February 21, 2004

Batman Costume

Been too busy to come up with anything to say over the last couple of days, but thought I'd drop a quick blurb about the costume in Batman: Intimidation, from SuperHero Hype!: "It is made of silicone and a material similar to the 'Spider-Man' costume. It has a armored look to it around the chest area. There is no yellow oval--the Bat symbol is like it is in the current comics. It may be part of the chest armor. The suit is dark, but not totally black. From the description that I got, it's dark gray. The cape, cowl, boots, and gloves are black. I've heard two descriptions for the ears. One report said that they are shorter than they were in the previous films. Someone else told me that they are 'Kane-style;' based on the orginal look of Batman back from 1939. I've also heard two reports on the eyes. I've heard it had lenses, and I've heard it didn't. I'm sure that costuming experienced[sic} with both. The utility belt will have pockets, but with a sleek look to it (nothing like what Adam West wore)."

The more I hear about this the more I'm excited....

(I'm such a geek!)