Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Troubling idea

Stumbled upon this quotation:
"I did (make) a few dietary concessions. My Achilles heel of food is the apple fritter. But I'm very proud of my butt. I have a good, tight hockey butt. It's the beer belly I'm a little self-conscious about."

--GORDON CLAPP, who plays Medavoy on "NYPD Blue," about his upcoming nude scene on the show, quote in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

1. Just by reading this I have already spent WAY more time thinking about Gordon Clapps butt then I ever, ever, ever wanted to.
2. Glad Greg's gonna get more screentime (they've been short-changing the character lately) . . . not sure this is the way I would've picked. But then again, he's about the only one left.