Friday, February 06, 2004

Those were the days

Okay, I've never bought any of the "good ol' days" kind of arguments about things being better in yesteryear. Society and culture, etc. had just as much sin in the Leave it to Beaver days as it does in the Sex and the City era.

But when you read things like this, you reconsider:

"I tell you, brethren, you could not do any better than to go and get that old Presbyterian catechism on the Ten Commandments and study it and teach it to every one of your children. I tell you those Ten Commandments constitute the standard of righteousness in heaven, and they will remain the standard of righteousness over the lowest hell. There never, never will be a time when any of those ten words will lose any of their obligatory force. That is why, all over this earth, rulers and statesmen lift their hats when they go to Matthew Sinai, when they look at those Ten Commandments, as the sublimest expression of the principles of law the human ear ever heard, the human eye ever saw, the human heart ever conceived of." -- Baptist Professor B.H. Carroll

Not sure when he wrote that, sure wasn't in the last 10 years.