Saturday, February 14, 2004

50 First Dates

Well, yesterday, for the 8th anniversary of the day I proposed to my wife, we went to see the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie 50 First Dates. Fun, sweet, silly movie. Two thumbs up.

All the Sandler movie regulars were there--some interesting casting there. Sean Astin . . . wonderful, wonderful job--and I didn't think of Samwise once. Adam was great. Drew . . . we all know about her and her life--way too much about both--but on screen when she turns it on, she's this perfect, sweet, innocent gal you just want to take home (y'know, if you didn't already have someone much better there already). I'm going to stop while I'm only this far behind . . .

The soundtrack . . wow. Basically 80's tunes (subliminal Wedding Singer cues) covered in a Hawaiian style. Note to self: go to Amazon . . .

Quite possibly the best part for me was this really quick tip of the hat to Chris Farley. My wife didn't even notice it, but it was there for those who know it. Very nice touch. (won't spoil it for any of my readers who want to see if they can find it).