Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pretty Much What Meets the Eye

Endurance finally paid off, and Netflix delivered Transformers this afternoon. This DVD is probably the best argument I've had for buying a plasma TV--my (very nice) laptop screen just didn't do it justice. The F/X were great--if Lucas had these tools back in the 70's...but I digress.

I absolutely understand all the great press LaBeouf got over the summer. Kid's good. Real good. (not that I'm going to run out and get the Even Stevens DVDs or anything. Didn't think any of the other performances were really stand out--pretty solid work throughout (no stinkers that I recall).

The catchphrase: "No sacrifice, no victory," isn't quite as catchy as "With great power comes great responsibility," but it works.

It's a fun action flick--nothing more, nothing less. Thankfully, that's all it sets out to be. Some laughs, some tension, lots of explosions, wicked cool robots. Worth watching if you like that kind of thing.


Gary Horn said...

The robots moved too fast and looked to blurry. The female love interest was a horrible actress and unconvincing as a high school student. This movie could have been much better.