Monday, October 15, 2007

Phew! It's over

Fall Ball wrapped up Saturday--think last year was a longer season, but I'm not sure. And frankly, I don't care. Last year was a great year to be playing baseball--warm, sunny days. This year we contended with rain, wind, chilly temps, downright cold temps--more than one game was played in the lower 60's--not exactly weather conducive for young guys to work on fundamentals.

Another drawback to this year--neither team really had anyone who could pitch (there's only enough players for two teams to play). By the end of the year there were some guys who showed promise, but still no good arms. So you had a lot of walks, a lot of swings on bad pitches.

But--Frodo and Sam ended up on the same team with the son of one of the High School baseball coaches, who ended up coaching their team--occasionally assisted by some of his players. That was great. Some great instruction. Hope some of it stuck.

And hey, they had fun, so hard to complain about that.

But it's over now. We have our Saturday's back (no more 2.5 hr games following 45 min. of warm-up), we have our weekdays back (at least 2 more days a week I can get a little more sleep). Now we just have to find something to keep these guys occupied :)