Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Covenental Fandom

So last week while I'm missing Game 7, my wife and Frodo are watching and talking.

The Mrs: So if the Red Sox go to the World Series, will you cheer for them?
Frodo: No!
The Mrs: So when you grow up and have kids, can I come over and teach them to cheer for the Red Sox?
Frodo: NO! You can cheer for them, but I will teach them to be Yankee fans.
The Mrs: Well, what if you marry a Red Sox fan?
Frodo: Well, I will tell her it's okay for her, but that we have to teach our kids to be Yankee fans.
Now, I grant you, we clearly have some work to do on the idea of being unequally yoked...but you gotta admire his faithfulness. :)

Yea, The Yankees, art a team unto your children and your children's children.

Amen. And now for our hymn of benediction....
Start spreadin' the news...