Thursday, September 30, 2004

they sure grow up fast/Kidney Kid Update

Frodo wakes me this morning with, "Daddy! I'm not 5 anymore, I'm 6!" 6? He's 6? ugh. At this rate he'll be a grown up before me.

Took the Kidney Kid to his doc yesterday. His blood levels are astounding--it's possible that we could be looking at 8-15 for a transplant now. That's right, I said 15!!!!!!!! We've gone from 2 to maybe 15 in 6 months! This is too wonderful. Thank you, Lord! Thank you readers for all your prayers.

Now that he's added solids (and I use that term in the broadest sense possible) we're in the fun zone where we have to be careful he doesn't get too much liquid in him and cause all sorts of problems for that .75 kidney, but hey...there are worse things to deal with.

Also, yesterday he mastered the front-to-back roll. Then he went on to combine it with his back-to-front, and is now mobile. Granted, it's not as cool as SpaceShipOne, nor will it win us $10 million, but it's pretty neat. :)