Thursday, September 09, 2004

Guess I'm an idiot

Heinz Kerry Bashes Health Care Plan Foes

Teresa Heinz Kerry says "only an idiot" would fail to support the health care plan proposed by her husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Kerry's proposal includes health care subsidies for children, the unemployed, small companies and others as well as government assistance to insurers and employers that hold down premiums for workers.

Watched part of a Kerry speech yesterday morning (before I put myself and my kids out of our misery and watched a Dora the Explorer re-run for the 13th million time). In the Health Scare section of the speech, he talked about how horrible George Double-U Bush's policies were (I doubt he meant the huge Medicare expansion in this, otherwise I'd agree) and how the US needs to join the nations of Europe (Kerry's template ideas are from France after all) recognizing that medical care isn't a privilege for those with the money, but a basic human right!

If I didn't care about the Swift Boat Vets, the war in Iraq, or on terror, or anything else, Kerry would lose my vote right there. Why not just drop the pretense and run as a socialist?

"Only an idiot wouldn't like this," Heinz Kerry told the Intelligencer Journal of Lancaster for a story in its Thursday editions. "Of course, there are idiots."

Ahh, such a calm, reassuring, tolerant voice for a future First Lady to use. Yeah, this'll unify the country.

If Kerry is elected, Heinz Kerry predicted, opponents of his health care plan will be voted out of office.

Great rallying cry for the RNC here!

Still, the multimillionaire and philanthropist balked at the idea that she was selling her husband's plan.

Psssssssssyeah, right!