Monday, September 13, 2004


from my notes for last week's Catechism class, here's a couple of gems from John Willison

Q. Does Baptism seal and apply these things equally to all who are baptized?
A. No, for to elect infants and believers in reality it seals and applies these things absolutely. But to those who are only believers in profession it seals and applies conditionally, upon supposition that they are what they profess.

Q. Are the benefits sealed to believers immediately conferred upon them at the moment of baptism?
A. Though a sealed right to these is then given them, yet the efficacy of baptism is not necessarily tied to the moment of time where in it is administered. For God, being a most free agent, makes this ordinance effectual and confers His grace when and how He pleases. Besides, the fruit and power of baptism reach to the whole course of a believer’s life (John 3:5,8).