Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Active Investigative Explorer

Sounds like the name of a semi-generic Action Figure, but that's actually a description of me (in theory). Gerald So's blog directed me to Find Your AQ. Your AQ is your Adventure Quotient--a measure of your spirit of adventure (sponsored by Land Rover).

Anywho, my result was:

The old saying "You learn something new every day," is a bit disappointing to you--you'd like to learn something new every hour, at the very least. Our initial calculations reveal that you are the Active Investigative Explorer.
The mysteries of this world fascinate you and your life's mission is to gain insight that can satisfy your hyper-curious mind. Your quest is knowledge, and lucky for you that treasure is free for the taking. There are no secrets to this universe, just truths; and while they can't all be discovered in one lifetime, searching for them is the ultimate adventure.

eh, maybe...