Sunday, August 29, 2004

This is why I shouldn't fly

Okay, a couple of years ago I fly down to San Diego for classes (see Jan 2003), on the way home, I’m stuck in Salt Lake City overnight. This week I fly down to Greenville, and on the way home, I get stuck overnight again. I had options for where I could get stuck this time, ‘tho. At 5 pm I could wait (an estimated) 4.5 hrs for my delayed flight to Chicago and wait to fly to Boise in O’Hare until 10 am the next morning. I could wait a couple of hours and then wait in the Houston airport until 9 am. Or I could wait in Greenville until noon.

Of course, I pick the option that allows me to smoke cigars, drink Guinness and talk theology.

So I get home about 20 hours after I was supposed to. This made sermon prep, getting to work, family life, etc. very, very hard. And blogging pretty much impossible. But I'm back...will try to say a thing or two about the trip to Greenville here soon.