Thursday, August 05, 2004

Catching up

Well, last week we moved. Which is a pretty amazing thing...seems our last landlord was gave us "an extremely negative reference" that caused the property manager at this new place some second, third and fourth thoughts about us. Thankfully, I had warned her about it, and reason saw the day (if we'd been so horrible, why'd she kept us around for 5 years? why did she invite us to move into a much nicer place last year? etc.) Anyway, living out of boxes this week, which is oodles of fun.

So then last Monday, I come home from work and there's my official letter of acceptance from Greenville--finally. Here's the fun part: part of that letter was news that I am "required" to attend new student orientation on-campus on Aug 23-24. 'Scuse me? I have to travel cross-country in less than a month and this is the first I hear of it?? By a remarkable series of providences in the last couple of days--including some help from very generous friends (both here and in Greenville), I will be able to attend. Should be fun.

Then comes Thursday, and the friend who was helping me with the first batch of moving had some mechanical trouble, so he's running late. But, I have a phone appointment with my academic advisor in just a few minutes...what do I do? Well, I imagine this is going to be 30 or so minutes, just like my advising sessions in college, so I'm a bit worried. I throw caution to the wind and grab the cell, load up a desk heavier than the truck we're using, the file cabinet and a few other things, run them out to the new house and call... I just know he's going to be annoyed by the noisy engine in the background of a static-filled call. Thankfully, doesn't even seem to notice it in our brief conversation (0:05:39). 1st words out of his mouth, "I'm exempting you form Rhetoric." Well, okay! 3 credits down! When I go back I will take the OT Survey test to see if I need that. Will try the Greek I test in the Spring. He wants me to start out slow, given it's my first semester and all my other responsibilities. Intro to Reformed Theology and History of Philosophy if I pass the OT test. Otherwise it'll be Intro to Reformed and OT Survey. Am very nervous about the test. If it was Greek or even intro to Ref. Theology or Ante-Nicene Fathers I wouldn't mind so much...just not looking forward to failing that test. "Boy, you obviously haven't read your Bible enough..."

Work Counted the hours this week, and I'm getting a lot more than I said I wanted. Which is nice money-wise, but man! I'd occasionally like to see my wife, or hang with my kids and my wife at the same time. Getting better at the work itself, on the whole, but still not as fast as these punk (and very foul-mouthed) kids.

Speaking of the kids, everyone's doing fine. Taking a brief break from school while we unpack our lives a bit. The Kidney Kid's cutting a tooth--and he doesn't handle pain meds very well, but he does respond really well to being held on your lap. Which is nice...unless you're trying to pack/unpack/write.

Lastly, going to the doctor today. While getting treatment for my sprained wrist over the last few weeks, have noticed something troubling about my blood pressure. It's high. Don't remember the actual numbers, but if the Dow Jones was as high as my blood pressure then both Bush and Kerry would be able to nap 'til November when Bush would be reelected in a landslide. (that metaphor worked much more smoothly in my brain than on paper...) Mostly tho' I'm going for my feet. They're in pain. Not just aching from being on them so much, but sharp, lasting pain. After working 7-8 hours I can barely walk, and then the pain's still there when I crawl out of bed--pain killers don't touch it. Probably going to be told to get a desk job or something, but gotta give it a shot.

You're now up to date on my life. I pity you. :)