Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Well that was interesting...the parents seemed to be made up of die-hard home-everythingers, a couple of upper middle-class yuppie types, one dad [was relieved to see another dad there] who's trying the homeschool thing because his kid isn't fit for the GRTF schools, a few I couldn't pigeon-hole...could make for some interesting convos if we ever get to that stage.

The kids had a blast, out there doing some sort of silly activities with balloons--and, of course, the Hokey Pokey*. Frodo, typically, was intent on getting everything just right, just like the teacher told him (and, in a very Adrian Monk moment asked permission to fix a saftey cone that had been knocked down--I could tell it was really bugging him). Samwise, on the other hand, threw himself into it with gusto--as long as he was sorta doing what he was told, that was enough. Frodo did have fun, but he was too busy making sure it was the right kind of fun he didn't enjoy it as much as his lil' bro. Something tells me that's pretty much going to define their lives.

* the question must be asked..."what if the Hokey-Pokey is what it's all about after all?"