Thursday, September 09, 2010

Why the Son of God Loved Me and Gave Himself for Me

I'm just having another one of those days where I'm not sure I have anything to say. But when I read this quotation over at Patrick’s Pensees, I was glad I didn't have something planned so I could steal it outright.

Moreover, I really needed this. Thanks, Patrick.

If you ask, Why he made so much ado about a worthless creature, raised out of the dust of the ground at first, and had now disordered himself, and could be of no use to him? We have an answer at hand, Because he loved us. If you continue to ask, But why did he love us? We have no other answer but because he loved us; for beyond the first rise of things we cannot go.
Thomas Manton


Steve B said...

Ask anybody why they love something or someone, and usually they are reduced to, "I dunno, I just DO!"

It's so hard for us to just accept God's love, because so much in this world tells us that we have to deserve or earn that kind of love.