Thursday, September 16, 2010


Am sure this is of little concern to you all, but it's big enough to me that I have to mention it (besides, this has been one of those über draining days that render thought almost impossible, so be happy I came up with anything). A few months back, I said that I'd lost 20 pounds so far this year. I've kept at it, and am pleased to announce that I've lost a little bit more:

And it's a good thing I hit that yesterday. Have had one of those weeks where I was on the verge of throwing in the towel and piling it on--you know, having a large Chicago Fire Pizza every day for lunch, and getting caught up on my lounging around. I'm tired of all the work, fed up with feeling hungry all the time...yada yada yada. But when the scale flashed that magic number at me, that was all the reinforcement I needed. Back to the trench warfare that this weight-loss project has become...15 lbs to go!


Steve B said...

Wow!! Kudos!! Makes my 15 I want to lose seem pretty paltry!

Hobster said...

Thank you, sir.

I know a while back you were thinking of doing P90X--what did you decide on that front?

Lockheed said...

BRAVO! You're an inspiration! Now to celebrate with steak and cake!

Joel said...

Congrats Hobart, that is a great achievement!