Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fringe Pilot ep.

That was just disgusting--and I'm not just speaking about the opening sequences with the plane.

I cannot imagine the conversation Lance Reddick had with his agent before he got the part--"You know, I'm tired of good writing; meaty, thoughtful roles; stories that matter. Can you get me a job on some mindless network thing--maybe something where I can play 'disapproving minority boss' on some law enforcement type show. Preferably something that doesn't even resemble reality."

How is this the next big thing in S.F. TV? Bring on Virtuality. Bring on The Dollhouse--quickly.

you know what the sickest thing is? I'm probably coming back next week just to see how they try to build on this.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have used the word disgusting, it was more pathetic than anything else. I mean all the talent (editing/direction) was spent developing a rather brilliant advert, whoever made that is a genius. Lets hope the next episode is better than the pilot.

A big amen for the arrival of Dollhouse!


Anonymous said...

For anyone reading back over old comments - episode 2 was way better than the pilot. I don't know if this series will last more than a season, though it isnt fair on any show to cast a decision so early into it's tv run. Don't expect Fringe to be an updated X-Files and everything should be o.k.