Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Decade

Frodo's odometer hit double digits today. That's right, my little boy is 10. Honestly, half the time he seems like he's 15 (the other half he's more like 7), so it's not that hard to swallow his age.

What is hard is realizing I've been a father for a decade now. There are very few things I've done for 10 years, and trying to realize that being a dad is one of them has taken a lot of my concentration today--not sure why, but it has.

Regardless, I'm very proud of my little man--God has been more than gracious in the children he granted me--starting with him. I've said it before, I'll say it again (for at least 8 years, I bet)--I'd be lost without him. He's a great learner, a great doer, a great companion, frequently wise beyond his years, almost constantly goofier than should be legal, one of the few people I can trust implicitly (as long as we're not talking about how he treats his siblings) :)

Happy Birthday, Son.


Anonymous said...

Frodo - Happy Birthday!

Dad - word of advice....hide the car keys (speaking from experience here...something about boys and cars...they seem to want to DRIVE them)

God bless you and your family Hobs


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Frodo! (your dad is getting old)

- kletois