Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Time Off

Haven't had a lot to say the last few days...been very busy wroking on papers/projects/etc. Really fried my brain in doing so--I kept making really dumb mistakes all Friday night at work, it was like I was a trainee all over again. So I took a few days off, just to relax, enjoy life. Didn't do anything major--watched Spider-man 2 with the kids, hung out with the Mrs, re-read a Rex Stout novel. Nicely, I didn't get scheduled to come in since Saturday, too. I think I extended my vacation a day too long, honestly, now as I look at the questions I have to answer for my History of western Philosophy Final. But I don't care really :) It was nice just being a dad for a bit. More than nice, it was just what I needed.

Back to the grindstone now. 2 finals before next Friday(one open-book/long answer, and another closed book/short answer). Much to read, more to write before then.