Saturday, December 11, 2004

My (dullish) Brush with CSI

So I'm leaving work last night/this morning/whatever and I see that my interior light is naturally, I feel like a dummy. I don't remember leaving the light on...don't remember turning it on for that matter. So I start hoping there's enough juice left in the battery. Hop in, and it starts up really easily--who-hoo!

And then, as Archie Goodwin would say, I utter a word. My CD-Player, or at least the faceplate of it, is missing. So I get out, walk back and knock on the the window near the office (almost giving my manager a cardial infarction), call the cops, etc. etc. Other than being on hold for an eternity or three, that was a pleasant experience--friendly person answering the phone and the officer arrived pretty darn quick for a litle thing like this.

The Officer is very friendly, keeps reassuring me that things like the bandit's* fingerprints not showing up here or there isn't my fault, frankly nothing is my fault, and I shouldn't feel bad about touching what I did before I figured out I'd been pilfered. My wallet had been looked at, but was left with everything in it (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know..don't leave my wallet in there...).

So the Officer determines that they rapscallion entered through the sliding door, and gets his fingerprint dusting kit out of the back of the CSI SUV...I'm tempted to ask if I can just sit in there and look around while he's doing his thing. But I take the wise route. So he's putting his little purple magnetic fingerprint powerder around the door and then "Cool!" Yes, here's a fully armed (taser gun as well as something more lethal), crew cut wearing, tough looking cop, playing with a little brush, shouting "Cool!" like someone in #prosapologian talking about a new blog.

What was cool? He got a print. Most likely not mine, since I hadn't touched that door since Monday. Should take about a month to find out if there's a hit.

In the end, am missing my garage door opener and face plate to my CD Player. What an idiot. Now it's mostly a good story...

oh yeah, and I have to buy the Spider-Man Soundtrack again...never coming out of that deck...

* Frodo's word for him...