Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Kidney Kid Update

Another specialist visit done. The Doc's very pleased with how things are going for him in general. His growth, etc., could be better, but he's within acceptable levels. Blood pressure's on the high end of normal, but given that we're giving him extra sodium to help with growth, it's expected. His lab work is good--the creatinine level in his blood appear to have leveled off, which means this is as good as he's going to get. Doc figures he'll stay at this point for about a year, and then start to go downhill. Personally, I'd gotten used to nothing but improvements, and this news was a blow.

But as his Great-Grandma reminded me, we've got to get through this for him to get better, which is the big goal, right? (thanks GG!) From the get-go this has been one of the three things we've been looking for to determine transplant time. Where he levels off, how long he levels off for, and how quickly he drops off from that. One down, two to go. Hopefully it'll be awhile.

He's developing quite a fun personality, has a great laugh, has the annoying tendency to grind his teeth (shudder), loves pulling CD's off their shelves and playing with electronic equipment, will be crawling all too soon. Aside from the drama, he's really the easiest baby we've had.

Again, thanks for all your prayers and interest.