Friday, July 02, 2004

Why didn't I watch this??

Oh yeah, something about working...oh, man, oh, man.

Okay, I'm not gonna talk about Sheffield getting hit twice by pitches, I'm not gonna gloat over the 8.5 games that the Yankees have over Boston, what I am gonna say is this: Say what you will about A-Rod or Nomar or whoever being a one of the best short-stops playing. Here's what makes Derek Jeter a great player

Boston had runners at the corners with two outs in the 12th, when Trot Nixon lifted a fly ball to shallow left field. Jeter ran the ball down near the foul line, catching it before diving head-first into the stands.

"It's the greatest catch I've ever seen," said Alex Rodriguez, who was just feet away from Jeter at the time. "It was unbelievable, he's so unselfish, putting his body in compromising situations. It was hard to watch."