Sunday, July 04, 2004


32 weeks and I've finished my series of exhortations through the Epistle to the Ephesians. Originally, I was hoping, hoping to get through Eph. 3 before I got to stop because we'd have had a new pastor. Clearly, that didn't happen. It was cool to work through the entire book--I think I grew and I know my gifts (if they exist) were tested. I know I'd rather listen to the latter ones again than the first. The congregation here has been mind-blowing in terms of their support and encouragement. I wouldn't want to think about how it would've turned out if not for that.

Sadly, today I felt off my game--like the pitcher who for some reason one day doesn't "have his stuff." What's worse is that the PCA pastor in town decided to worship with us today--his last day of vacation, and he didn't want to get back in the office early, so to speak. I mean, I hate being off anytime, but it seems, he was encouraging, so I should probably get off the ego trip....

Lord willing, beginning next week, we will be in the Epistle of James—-for me at least, it will be a bigger challenge. I haven’t really studied James in years—-in fact, it was the same year I wrote a college paper saying that Luther got it wrong in his debate against Erasmus, needless to say, my perspective has changed a bit since then. I hope very much that I won’t get very far in it before we have a permanent man in this pulpit.