Friday, July 09, 2004

hi, remember me?

Sorry I've been away from here for awhile...been working on a couple of personal projects and trying to get my brain moving in general. This last week I've just been fried. Between trying to start a series on James, this misc. personal stuff, and work...I'm on overload it seems.

This McDonald's stuff is unbelievably hard. I'm sure I'm working more for this slightly-above minimum wage gig than I have for any of my "professional" jobs. Working with the customers is fun, the rest isn't too bad (although I could do without the rushes once we're down to our skeleton crew), but you're pretty much moving all night. So I come home totally wiped out, yet unable to sleep for an hour. Generally, it's sometime after 3 that I crash most nights. I think I'm getting more used to it, but in the meantime. sheesh.