Monday, March 28, 2011

This Past Weekend

So, this weekend I:

laughed a lot, but not as much as I hoped I would at

laughed more than I expected to and totally DID NOT cry at

but there was a lot of pollen and dust in the room while I watched

celebrated her 9th birthday

got this for TLoML

tried this yummy yummy beer

(Kona & Maui Brewing Companies make the best argument for relocating to the Aloha State)

spent far too much time with this guy

(have just started the 5th week of P90X Doubles)

finished this

good stuff

started this

remember this being good in 10th Grade

watched the latest episodes of


NPH got it done on all fronts this week (tho' Segal absolutely killed, as per usual)

tried out this very, very tasty cake recipe

mine didn't look quite that good. BTW, if you make it, double the KoolAid like I did (accidentally yesterday, on purpose from now on)

all in all, a good weekend. How was yours?


rosemarie said...

will you adopt me? do you do adult day camps? weekend therapies? you had way more fun than I did!

Anonymous said...

hey hobs! Hope is well with you and your family...since this blog post was completely random, so will my comment...
1) Due Date...I haven't seen it yet, hubbie and son have, said it was quite funny, all I wonder...just how inappropriate was it??
2)pollen? *if* you say so
3) NINE! Goodness, the princess is growing up! Happy Belated Birthday to the young lady

4) Kewl tat! (small fact #304 about me & hubbie, a tattoo was the first thing he ever bought me. Still have it, haven't broke it or lost it :-D
5) Liked Jane Eyre in high school..should read it again.
6) How I Met Your Mother, one of the better sit-coms out there.
7) Speaking of decent sit-coms...have you ever watched The Middle? QUITE funny and relatively clean! The 3 kids are all quirky and goofy, love that!
8) mmmm caaake!


Hobster said...

just checking this post to make sure I formatted a new one did I not reply to this comment? I totally intended to.

No, really.

Don't recall Due Date being all that inappropriate for a 13 and over viewer.

No comment on the pollen thing.

"haven't broke it or lost it" *chuckle*

Yes, you should read Jane Eyre again--killer read.

Haven't watched the Middle...for no good reason, probably should.