Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There's a Motivational Poster to be Made from This

National Geographic's Photo of the Day today is quite the uplifting image, isn't it?

Seriously, that is a typically great picture (click the link above--or the pic) to see a larger version)--just not sure it's really one of the first things I wanted to see today. I loved the first line of the caption:
A remote-controlled "carcass cam" captures an inside view of a gray wolf fiercely guarding its meal at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota.
"Carcass cam"--hmmmm, just what every serious photographer needs--right Micah/Grace?

Incidentally, in case you're tempted to say the name of that Minnesota town, it's pronounced E-lee, not E-lie. I just learned that, and for some reason, am pretty sure that's a bit of trivia that's going to stick with me.

(I'll try to remember to update this with a permalink as soon as Nat'l Geo moves it off the main photo of the day page, but until I do, you want to hit the "Previous" link 'til you get to Aug. 20)